My Website is Officially Launched!

Today is such an exciting day for me that I dreamed about for the past year and half. I have put so much into this business and now I have a website…OMG!

Right now I have added 16 T-shirts, 19 knitted hats, 12 detachable Poms, 6 Hand Band/Ear Warmers, and 9 drop knit scarfs in an array of different color, and sizes.

I will be adding hoodies, tumblers, mugs and more T-shirts… Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To launch my website as of TONIGHT I will be releasing (3) discounts codes for Friday 20% off, Saturday 15% off and Sunday 10% off.

Thank you for being apart of my dream!

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As of right now GPAY button is not working…

10% off

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